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Partner features

Monitoring and managing scent devices

Does your customer manage his own scent devices? Then we have the My Sense Device app. In this app, scent intensity and the atomization interval can easily be adjusted. In this app, your customer only has access to the scent devices of the branch in question.

Veriety of service level agreement

Together with you as a Sense partner we make standardized agreements about installations, monitoring and serving your customer. Do you manage your customer’s scent devices? Or does your customer’s head office prefer to keep this under its own management? Both are possible!

Providing proactive service

Do you manage your customer’s scent devices? Then you can see at a glance on our scent platform where and when service is needed. For example, this platform provides insight into when scent cartridges need to be replaced and whether there are any malfunctions. This makes it super easy to optimally meet your customer’s wishes

Spotted: untapped niche

The world of scent experience and scent marketing is still young and unexplored in many places. And that while every area in every imaginable industry is suitable for it. No matter how large or small an organisation is, our online scent devices offer the perfect solution for its scent experience. What makes our systems so unique? Thanks to their connection to the internet, they are incredibly easy to manage and monitor. Both for distributors and end users. Have you become enthusiastic as well? Let us know!

With our powerful scents, smart scent devices and online scent platform we offer the best scent solutions for both large and small companies. We can do this because of our many years of experience in the field of scent diffusion, scent neutralisation and scent installations. That we work with the largest cleaning parties to create a 9+ cleaning experience is for a reason! 

Through years of experience in a wide range of industries, we know the wishes of end users through and through. In order to transfer this knowledge to you, we provide annual partner training courses. Here we keep you informed about the trends in the world of scent experience and we help you to offer the best proposition for your target group. We call that win-win-win!

When you become a Sense Company partner and want to manage your customers’ scent devices, you can easily do so via our online scent portal. Here you can see all your customers bundled in a clear dashboard. This makes it incredibly easy to monitor their scent devices and their scent oil usage. And, because of that, to provide a proactive service. The result? Happy customers!

As excited about scent as we are? Fill in the application form or contact us to see what we can do for each other!

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