Monitoring your scent cartridge

Monitoring your scent device

What is the lifespan of a scent cartridge?

How long can you enjoy your scent cartridge? That’s three to four months, depending on the set scent intensity and atomization interval, the scent oil and the size of the area.

Where can I see how full my scent cartridge is?

You don’t want your scent cartridge to suddenly be empty without knowing it! In the scent device overview of your My Sense Device app you can see at a glance the fill level indicator of your scent cartridge. The icon on the left indicates it by means of blocks.

  • Are all five blocks of the icon filled? Then the cartridge is approximately 100% full. Great!
  • Are three blocks of the icon filled? Then the cartridge is approximately 60% full.
  • Is only 1 block of the icon filled? Then the cartridge is 0 to 20% full. Time to take action!
  • Is the icon empty? Then there is no scent cartridge in your scent device. Insert a cartridge to spread scent, and therefore unexpected smiles!


How do I change a scent cartridge?

Go to placing and changing your scent cartridge

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