My Sense account

My Sense account

What can I do with a Sense account?

Your Sense account allows you to log in to the scent portal and the My Sense Device app. Here you can monitor and manage your scent device, and have control anytime, anywhere!


How do I create a Sense account?

Creating your Sense account: the last step to actually get started with your new scent device. To do this, open the My Sense Device app on your smartphone or tablet. Press on ‘create account’, fill in your details and click ‘create’. And now: plug, connect and smile!


How do I change the password of my account?

Do you want to change the password of your account? That’s possible! You can do this in the My Sense Device app. Open the app and go to your account details. Here you will find the option ‘reset password’ at the bottom. Follow the instructions to change the password of your account. Note: When you change your password in the app, the password of your scent portal is automatically changed as well.


I have lost my login details. What should I do?

It is possible that you have forgotten your login details. In this case, go to the login screen of your scent portal. Here you can choose for ‘forgot password’. Click on it and you will receive an email with instructions on how to create a new password. This will give you control over your scent device again!

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