Placing your scent device

placing and installing your scent device

Where in the area can I place my scent device best?

Good question to ask! Despite the fact that our scent devices spread your scent as optimally as possible, it is wise to think about where you place your scent device. We advise you to place it where a wall socket is within 1 meter distance. In addition, take into account the airflow in the room. This can be influenced by open doors and windows, radiators, your air extraction system and HVAC. Based on this, you can test where the scent device will spread scent at its best.

How do I install my scent device?

If you choose for an Airco scent device, we will come and install it for you. If you opt for a Stand Alone scent device, you can easily complete the installation yourself!

Download the My Sense Device App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone or tablet. Once you’ve created an account, you can ‘add a device’. The app guides you through the steps and connects your scent device to your WiFi network within minutes. Enjoy!

Can I install my scent device myself?

Stand Alone
If you choose a Stand Alone scent device, you can install it yourself in no time. No tools, no complicated work. Our My Sense Device app will guide you through the steps and connect your scent system to your WiFi network within minutes. A piece of cake!

Are you curious how easy the installation is? Watch our instructional video for Stand Alone installation.

Direct Injection
With Direct Injection installation, you place the scent device in a directly adjacent room, such as a technical room, kitchen or hallway. Through a small hole in the wall, the scent mist is injected into the desired area via a scent tube. The advantage of this installation technique? That the scent device is completely concealed!

Can a scent device be connected to an air conditioning unit?

That is certainly possible! With Airco Connected installation, we link your scent device to your existing HVAC. We place the scent device above the ceiling or in a technical cabinet. The scent mist is injected into the HVAC via a scent duct. The advantage of this installation technique? That the scent mist is already dissolved in the air when it leaves the HVAC. This allows the scent to spread optimally in the area.

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