Christmas scent oil

Christmas scent oil


Christmas and scent are inextricably linked. Especially when you bring this sweet, aromatic fragrance into your home during the holidays. Ór at any other time you want to create this warm atmosphere. The mix of cinnamon, cloves, speculoos and the hint of orange in the scent oil complete the Christmas experience. Who wouldn’t want that?

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Kerst geurolie


De Kerst geurolie is opgebouwd uit de volgende geurfamilies:

  • Oriëntaal
  • Houtig
  • Groen / Fris
  • Bloemig

topnoten: bergamot
hartnoten: roos, kruidig, kaneel, kruidnagel
basisnoten: zoete vanille


Kerst past vooral goed in de volgende ruimten:

  • Thematisch ruimte
  • Kruidenbad
  • Sauna

Retail, Sauna and wellness


Entrance, Herbal bath, Restaurant, Sauna, Thematic space

Gewenste effect

Create recognisability, Create trust, Physical well-being, to calm down, To comfort


Non- essential oil


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