Honey Flower scent oil

Honey Flower scent oil


Fresh, clear and sweet. It’s like walking around in a flower garden. With its floral base and sweet aroma, Honey Flower creates a relaxing atmosphere. Because of this effect, this fragrance is often used in beauty and care. Next to that, Honey Flower is also very suitable for wellness resorts.

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Honey flower geurolie


De Honey Flower olie is opgebouwd uit de volgende geurfamilies:

  • Oriëntaal
  • Houtig
  • Groen / Fris
  • Bloemig

topnoten: groen, bloemig
hartnoten: honing, roos, muguet, kaneel
basisnoten: muskus, sandelhout, karamel


Honey Flower past vooral goed in de volgende ruimten:

  • Sauna
  • Yogazaal
  • Wachtruimte

Care, Casino, Sauna and wellness

Area advice

Rest area, Sauna, Waiting room

Desired effect

Calming down, Mental relaxation, Radiating positivity

Scent oil

Non- essential oil


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