Jasmin Secret scent oil

Jasmin Secret scent oil


Why the name Jasmin Secret? Because the various shades of jasmine that have been used make this fragrance mysterious. Richly filled, with sweet tones and clearly coming from the oriental scent family. Jasmin secret is reminiscent of a warm summer evening in Italy. And that without having to get on the plane!

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Jasmin Secret geurolie


De Jasmin Secret geurolie is opgebouwd uit de volgende geurfamilies:

  • Oriëntaal
  • Houtig
  • Groen / Fris
  • Bloemig

topnoten: citrus, mandarijn
hartnoten: jasmijn, muguet, geranium
basisnoten: balsamico, gourmand, sandelhout


Jasmin Secret past vooral goed in de volgende ruimten:

  • Restaurant
  • Lobby

Hotel, Restaurant, Retail


Entrance, Lobby, Restaurant, Retail space

Gewenste effect

Brighten, Generate lust, Mental relaxation, Radiating positivity


Non- essential oil


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