Smoker scent oil

Smoker scent oil


Smoker: a fragrance that clearly distinguishes itself from others. You don’t take this thematic scent oil because it smells good, but because you have a certain goal for which this scent lends itself well. What does Smoker smell like? Like a big campfire. All in all, a perfume that warms you up!

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Smoker geurolie


De Smoker geurolie is opgebouwd uit de volgende geurfamilies:

  • Bloemig
  • Groen / Fris
  • Houtig
  • Oriëntaal

topnoten: gebrande rook
hartnoten: gerookt hout
basisnoten: ceder, sandaal


Smoker past vooral goed in de volgende ruimten:

  • Thematische ruimte


Area advice

Thematic area

Scent oil

Non- essential oil

Desired effect

Creating recognition, Thematize


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