smart scent devices

Our scent devices are smart. Very smart. For example, our scent devices can indicate for themselves whether they still work properly, which scent they spread and how full their scent cartridge is. On top of that, they automatically switch to a backup program when their internet connection is lost. Revolutionary, if we say so ourselves!

The Einstein among scent devices

smart is the new sexy

Optimal scent diffusion
Our scent devices use the cold misting technique. With this technique, dry mist dissolves in the air and is carried by the natural airflow in the area. In this way, the scent spreads evenly and doesn’t sink quickly to the ground. The result? A constant scent experience. Guaranteed!

Always connected
In order to be able to control your scent device anytime and anywhere, it is connected to the internet. We use WiFi as the standard. Don’t you have a (suitable) WiFi network? Then we also supply scent devices with a GPRS connection. Anyhow, with our devices you are always connected!

User-friendly scent cartridge
Installing your scent cartridge: easier than you think. Its filling level? You can see it at a glance in your scent portal or My Sense Device app. In addition, the scent nebulizer is located in the cartridge’s cap instead of in the device itself. This gives you a new nebulizer with every new cartridge, so you never have to clean it!

our scent devices in use

ace in ease of use
My Sense Device app

Always and everywhere in control of your scent devices with our app. You install, connect, manage and monitor them easily with your smartphone or tablet. It couldn’t be simpler!

scent portal

Do you have a large amount of scent devices or do you manage your customers’ devices? Then our scent portal offers the solution. Here you will find all their statuses in one overview!

the my sense device app

simple ánd clear
filling level

Want to know how full your scent cartridge is? You can see it at a glance! Also handy: when your cartridge is almost empty, you’ll receive a notification from us. So you’ll never run out of scent again!


With the app you easily set the atomization times of your scent. For example, do your opening hours change? Then you can adjust this in just a few clicks. So you only use scent oil when you want to!

scent intensity

Do you want to smell your scent even better? Ór make its presence a little more subtle? With the My Sense Device app, you can easily adjust your scent intensity. Precisely the way you want.


In our app we offer you online support. From explanations about functionalities to solutions for error messages. Can’t figure something out? Then you can also contact us! We are happy to help you.

A carefree scent experience

with our scent subscriptions
Scent oil

Starting at €65,-

  • Certified quality fragrances
  • Powerful scent oils
  • Large and diverse assortment
Scent subscription

Starting at €45,- p/m

  • 100% scent guarantee
  • Saving costs and worries
  • For every scent requirement
Scent device

Starting at €750,-

  • Constant scent experience
  • Easy to use
  • Various installation options

installing scent devices

Plug, connect, smile!
installation techniques

Our scent devices can be installed in different ways. With Stand Alone installation, you simply place the device within the area in question.

With Direct Injection installation, you do this in a directly adjacent area. By means of a small hole in the wall, the scent mist is then injected into the desired area via a scent tube.

Stand alone installatietechniek

Stand Alone

Direct injection installatietechniek

Direct Injection

A constant, powerful scent diffusion

Because of our cold misting technique


There are various techniques for spreading scent in areas. Think for example of wall sprays, granules, dry mist, heating and ultrasonic. These are all techniques that, in our opinion, don’t do justice to the scent or just don’t provide a constant scent experience.

That is why we use the cold misting technique. During this nebulisation process, dry mist dissolves in the air and is carried by the natural airflow in the area. In this way, the scent spreads evenly and doesn’t sink quickly to the ground. This allows us to guarantee you a constant scent experience. Guaranteed!


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