Scent experience in healthcare

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Scent experience in healthcare

Reasons for using scent in healthcare vary widely. For example, in nursing homes the neutralization of musty smells is often the main goal. In physiotherapeutic practices, on the other hand, scent is used to create an activating environment. Whatever the motivation is, they all have one thing in common: the optimisation of the care environment for the patients, patients’ visitors and staff.

How we help healthcare institutions with their scent experience? Check out some of our happy cases!

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9+ Hygiene experience

In certain areas, the hygiene experience is top priority. However, the fact that something is technically clean does not mean that it is experienced as such. Scent plays an important role in this.

masking unwanted smells

When unwanted smells are present, not only the value of the area in question will decline, but often the value of the company itself as well. In short, masking these smells is an important scent target.

making visitors feel welcome

Not only what we see and hear affects us, but also what we smell. In this way, certain scents make people feel welcome, and therefore a good first impression is made.

scent experience in healthcare

The healing effect of scent
That scent can have a healing effect is being confirmed by science more and more often. For example, research by the Van der Bilt hospital showed that scent diffusion not only has a healing effect on patients, but also greatly lowers the stress levels of doctors and nurses.

In addition, psychologists argue that the use of scent in psychiatric institutions contributes to the recovery of their patients. Findings that make the use of scent in healthcare increasingly popular.

Your purpose determines your scent
Different scents have different effects on both body and mind. Do you want to activate? Then scents with citrus tones, such as lime and orange are the answer.

Is relaxation or harmony your goal? Then lavender and vanilla are good ingredients. If you are not sure what the most suitable scent is for your care institution, ask our experienced scent advisers!

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