Scent neutralization

Do you want to neutralize unwanted smells? Whether it’s cigarette smoke, stale beer, sewer air or unpleasant smells in toilets, our smart scent devices and powerful scent oils can neutralize these smells. Because of their specific function, they offer a permanent solution for every scent problem. Yes, you read that correctly: évery scent problem. No smell is off limits!

More than just neutralizing scents

From stench to a true scent experience

The fact that our scent oils can neutralize unwanted smells is great. But that is certainly not their only goal. They can also turn this stench into a true scent experience. This way not only the dirty smells disappear, but the area smells nice as well! And that also has beneficial effects. Namely, spreading a unique, complementary scent oil strengthens your brand and increases the experience and assessment of your guests. In short, win-win!

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Transforming stench into experience

Scent neutralization examples

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how do i neutralize scents?

Getting started in practice

How you get started with scent neutralization? You want to eliminate undesirable smells permanently, but that is only possible by tackling this in the right way. Whatever the problem is, we’ll help you with our smart scent devices, powerful scent oils and the handy My Sense Device app!

Step 1

choose a subscription

Saving costs ánd worries? Then choose one of our subscriptions. We can unburden you in scent device, scent oil and support. You can make it as carefree as you want it to be!

Step 2

choose a scent

Choose a scent that matches your desired scent experience. Need advice? Our advisers will be happy to help you choose the perfect scent!

Step 3

Plug & connect

Easily install your scent device. Then simply connect it to the internet via the My Sense Device app. The device is now ready for use! 

Step 4

Spread unexpected smiles!

From now on you contribute to spreading unexpected smiles! And you will benefit from the many advantages that this offers you. Enjoy!


Which neutralizing scent should I choose?

a scent for every scent problem

Is your goal to mask bad smells? Then we recommend our fragrance Fizzy Lemon. Fizzy Lemon consists of a mix of various citrus fruits. The scent oil is easy going, light, but also has a sharp top note. Very suitable for where it should smell fresh and clean.

Going for extra experience? Then you’d rather choose Lime Tree. A scent that is refreshing, but also soft and supple. Is cigarette smoke the biggest culprit? Then Anti Smoke is the solution. The potency of this scent provides masking, the light tones of the used citrus give a hint of freshness. Enough scent oils to get rid of unwanted smells!

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52% of employees consider odour nuisance in offices to be one of the most important factors that have a negative impact on the working environment.


80% of the Dutch population is disturbed by stench in toilet areas.


If you spread a fresh smell, you avoid frustration and significantly increase the hygiene experience.


When people smell a fresh (citrus) scent, they will contribute to keeping their surroundings clean as well.

want to know more about scent neutralization?

All your questions answered

The fact that an area is technically clean doesn’t mean that we experience it as such. And this (unconscious) experience in turn influences our evaluation of the area and if we want to come back to it. So you can clean an area as well as you can, if it is not experienced as clean, you’ll still have to the deal with the negative consequences. And let especially scent play an important role in this experience of cleanliness!

Undesirable smells are a major source of frustration. In offices, for example, as many as 52% of the employees see this as one of the most important factors that have a negative impact on the working environment. In addition, 80% of the Dutch population is bothered by stench in toilet areas. If you spread a fresh scent here, you will significantly increase the hygiene experience. In addition, people will also contribute to keeping an environment clean when they smell a fresh (citrus) scent. Two birds with one stone!

Place trays of cleaning vinegar or charcoal, ventilate the room, put wall sprays up. These are all tips you may have heard in your quest to eliminate unwanted smells. Whether they come from old beer, sweat, sewer or smoke. All these solutions usually don’t work for a long time or simply don’t work well enough.

In order to be able to neutralize certain smells for a long time ánd properly, we use the cold misting technique with our scent devices. During this misting process, dry mist dissolves in the air and is carried by the natural airflow in the area. In this way, the scent spreads evenly through the misting interval and doesn’t quickly sink to the ground. This allows us to guarantee you a constant scent experience. Promised!

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