Scent only subscription

Request your Scent Only subscription

If you want to buy a scent device or already own a Sense device, Scent Only is the best addition to complete your scent management. This will save you al least 50 euros per device on your annual scent oil consumption. For a fixed monthly price, your scent device will always be equipped with the right scent oil!

100% scent guarantee
Carefree enjoyment
No more empty cartridges
Scents and scent cartridges

You can choose from our wide range of products. Is the scent cartridge almost empty? Then we will send you a new one straight away. Prefer a different experience in the room? No problem! It is always possible to change scents!

Installation if you buy a new scent device

When you buy a new scent device you can easily install the device yourself, either trough Stand Alone or Direct Injection. Of course, our support is ready to help you if you have any questions… Prefer help from our professional installers? Then we will gladly come and install the scent system for you. You pay a one-time installation fee for this.

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