Scent & Service

Scent & Service

Never run out of fragrance oil and no longer have to worry about your fragrance management? With the Scent & Service subscription you periodically receive fragrance oil, and we monitor your fragrance system and consumption remotely. This allows us to provide proactive service. For example, is there a malfunction? Then we come to solve it!

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    We consider an area to be warm when it is more than 40 degrees in it. Think of saunas, steam baths, etcetera.
100% scentguarantee

With the Scent & Service subscription you are always insured of odor. We call that 100% fragrance guarantee!

carefree enjoyment

Scent & Service means not having to worry about your entire scent management: it is almost impossible to be carefree!

Cost saving

With this subscription you not only save yourself a lot of worries, but also € 50 per year on your fragrance oil!

Frequently asked questions about Scent subscriptions

All relevant information for scent subscriptions.

Do you want to scent more rooms? Or would you prefer to leave the maintenance of your scent system to us? Whatever your reason for adjusting your subscription, we are happy to help you further. Contact us and we will adjust it for you. It can be that simple!

Are you not completely satisfied? Or do you want to adjust your subscription so that it better meets your needs? If this is the case, please let us know! Are you sure you want to cancel your subscription, we will of course help you with that too. The standard cancellation period for a subscription is three months. Contact us and we will arrange it for you.

Are you forced to cancel your subscription due to bankruptcy? How awful! Since your situation is already difficult enough, we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Contact us and we will take care of the rest.

Does your address change? Then please contact us and we will adjust it for you. It can be that simple!

Does your account number change? Then please contact us and we will adjust it for you. Easy right?

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