Setting up your scent device

setting up the scent intensity and atomization interval

How do I set up my scent device?

You have installed your scent device and connected it to your desired WiFi network. The hardest part is over! Now you can easily set how much scent your scent device should spread and at what days and times. Accurate to the minute!

  1. In your My Sense Device app, go to the scent device overview.
  2. Choose the scent device you want to set up.
  3. Click on the desired schedule or press ‘create schedule’ and create a new schedule.
  4. Select the desired days and times that you want to spread your scent.
  5. Select the desired scent intensity with the slider.

Now you can spread your scent exactly when and as much as you want to! Are you more of an image thinker? Then watch our instructional video to set up your scent device.

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