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Spreading Unexpected Smiles

Do you want to achieve a 9+ hygiene experience, strengthen your brand identity or increase visitor satisfaction? Whatever your goal is, we can help you with our smart scent devices, powerful scent oils and our handy My Sense Device app. A complete, professional and affordable scent platform. For every organisation, for every scent need!

scent marketing

Want to complete your marketing mix and by doing so achieve your goals? From strengthening your brand identity and increasing your customer experience to activating people and enhancing purchases!

scent neutralization

Do you suffer from unwanted smells? Whether it’s cigarette smoke, stale beer, sewer air or unpleasant smells in toilets, we’ll help you get rid of these smells permanently. No smell is off limits!

Successful scent experience

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Complete, professional, affordable!
scent oils

Certified quality scents

Powerful scent oils

Large and divers assortment

scent devices

Constant scent experience

Easy to use

Different installation options

Scent subscription

Ultimate ease of use

100% scent guarantee

Proactive service

How (simple) it works

The perfect scent experience in only 4 steps

Step 1

choose a subscription

Saving costs ánd worries? We can unburden you in scent device, scent oil and support: You can make it as carefree as you want it to be!

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Step 2

choose a scent

Choose a scent that matches your desired scent experience. Need advice? Our advisers will be happy to help you choose the perfect scent!

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Step 3

Plug & connect

Easily install your scent device. Then simply connect it to the internet via the My Sense Device app. The device is now ready for use!

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Step 4

let’s spread unexpected smiles!

From now on you contribute to spreading unexpected smiles! And you will benefit from the many advantages that this offers you. Enjoy!


Why we believe so strongly in the power of scent

At Sense Company we strongly believe in the power of scent. Why? Because scent comes to us unconsciously and invisibly. The smile it gives you is therefore one that unexpectedly strikes you. Just like that. And that’s exactly why it hits like a bomb. A smile of that calibre is much more powerful than any other smile. And because scent causes this, it is such a strong instrument. Makes Sense, right?

Will you help us spread unexpected smiles? Then join us as a partner and benefit!

Anytime and anywhere in control

Manage your scent device with the My Sense Device app

You can easily install your scent device yourself. No tools or experience needed. Only the free My Sense Device app, which helps you install your device in just a few simple steps. A carefree installation guaranteed!


In order to be able to control your scent device anytime and anywhere, it is connected to the internet. Don’t you have a (suitable) WiFi network? Then choose GPRS. Whatever you go for, you’re always connected!


The My Sense Device app makes it easy to set the scent intensity and atomization interval. Wherever you are. It couldn’t be simpler! You only use scent oil when you want to and you always give your visitors a warm welcome!


With the app you always have an overview of the status of your scent device. How full is the scent cartridge? What is the intensity of the scent? If you have multiple scent devices, all these statuses are in one overview. Nice and clear!

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