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What is the effect of a professional scent diffuser?

By using the right technique, our professional scent diffuser allows scents to reach their full potential. This is important because otherwise you do not take full advantage of the benefits that scents offer. Smell is a very important factor when it comes to how we appreciate a space. If we think it smells good somewhere, it gives us a good feeling, we give the environment a better rating and we unconsciously like to come back because of this good experience.

But why is it like this? It is because smell is the only sense closely connected to our limbic system. This system in our brain is involved in our motivation, emotion and pleasure, among other things. Scents, especially with the help of scent fresheners, can therefore arouse emotions, soothe, activate and form memories. In short, with a professional scent diffuser you achieve effects that cannot be underestimated!

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What goals can you achieve with a professional scent system?

By using a scent neutraliser you can pursue problem solving, but also a value adding goal. In case of scent neutralisation we speak of a problem solving goal. In this case, think of masking unpleasant odours by deploying scent. For example, do you want to create a 9+ hygiene experience within your organisation? Then you let your scent system spread an appropriate scent which masks unpleasant odours.

When we talk about scent marketing, your goal is value added. Here scent is used as a marketing tool. For example, are you aiming to make your visitors stay longer in your organisation? Then you choose a scent that suits your organisation and is experienced as pleasant by almost everyone. In short, with a professional scent freshener, you can contribute to almost all goals!

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Is scent appliance something for me?

Does your organisation want to contribute to its goals by using scent? Then scent appliances are the right tool for you! It doesn't matter whether you want to improve the visitor experience, theme a space or create the perfect clean experience. Scenting can be used within all types of organisations and so can our scent diffusers. Whether it is professional scent appliance in a store, in the spa or in the office. Scents are desired everywhere. Our diffuser is suitable for every situation!

Buy or lease professional scent systems?

You can buy or lease a professional scent system from us. With four scent subscriptions, we offer different levels of service. Would you like to be completely unburdened and not have to worry about your scent management? Or do you prefer to work with it yourself? For both options we offer different possibilities. We can take care of your system, installation, scent oil, maintenance and support. Which scent subscription is the best solution for your organisation depends on your wishes. Each subscription has its own advantages. You can also choose to purchase the scent system and the scent oil yourself.


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  • System
  • 2x cartridges
  • 1 year warranty
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€45,- p/m
  • System
  • Including scent
  • Swap service

Why a Sense scent system?

Our Sense scent system is smart. It can tell you what scent is being diffused, how full the scent cartridge is and if it is still working properly. Is the internet connection down? Our system automatically switches over to a backup program. So, our system is online 24/7 because it is connected to the Internet, via WiFi or through a GPRS connection. Through our free My Sense Device app or the scent portal you are in control of your scent system anytime, anywhere. With the app or portal, you can easily adjust the nebulisation times and intensity yourself. The app and portal also offer online support. From the explanation of functionalities to solutions for error messages.