Office Sense

Scent marketing: Benefits for brands and businesses

Explore the power of scent marketing to enhance brand recognition, boost sales, and improve employee satisfaction and productivity. Read more
Grass and sun

3X Spring & scent! How your organization uses scent as a tool this season.

Discover what spring scents can do for your organization.

The Psychology Behind Scent Experience

Explore the influence of scent on emotions, memories and brand identity through the science of scent psychology and its role in marketing.
Keep nose closed

Unwanted smells: the impact on a space

Find out how we take a targeted approach to solving unwanted smell problems!
Atmosphere Agression

Scent as weapon against aggression: Importance of right stimuli.

Discover the calming power of scent and create a positive environment.
Improve concentration

Improving concentration: use the power of scent

How do you stay focused? Find out how scent can improve your concentration.
Ai improves scent experiences

AI meets scent: The endless possibilities of AI within Sense Company

Scent Experience 2.0 - Discover how AI technology is transforming the world of scent.
Restaurants in scent experience

The power of scent in hospitality: this is how to seduce your guests

Not only whet your guests' appetites, but also take their experience to the next level? Find out exactly how to achieve this here!
Marketing in Fitnessstudios

Fitness marketing: make your visitors fan(atic)!

Discover how scent can contribute to fitness marketing.
Working on work happiness

Increase work happiness with scents

How is work happiness in your organisation? Find out how you can boost work happiness with scent!
Sweat odour removal

Professional body odour removal

Body odour: a odour that is often perceived as unpleasant. So professional body odour removal exists for a reason.
Sensory room

Setting up a sensory room

Snoezelen has a positive effect on various target groups! Would you like to know how best to set up a snoozle room for dementia sufferers, for example? Then read this blog quickly.
neutralise smoke odour

Professional smoke odour removal

Smoke odour: a true nightmare when we talk about removing odours. Therefore, professional smoke odour removal exists for a reason.
Urine odour removal

Urine odour removal

Struggling to eliminate a stubborn urine odour? Thorough cleaning is often not enough. Keep reading to quickly learn how to effectively neutralize this unwanted odour!

Scentexperience at Shoco

Using scent to complete the picture. That is what Shoco wanted. You can read how we made it happen in this case!

Schiphol (Hago Airport Services)

Unpleasant smells should not spoil the holiday fun. To prevent this, we provided a fitting scent experience at Schiphol!
Lemon scent for companies

How lemon scent keeps your business clean

Getting your visitors to contribute to keeping your organisation clean: sounds too good to be true, right? Nothing could be further from the truth! Find out exactly how in this blog.
Theatre DeLaMar

DeLaMar Theater

Theatre DeLaMar wants to offer its guests the perfect experience. And what better way to do that than with a scent experience? You can read more about this in this case!
Berendonck steam bath

Thermen Berendonck

On the one hand, creating an ultimate experience and, on the other, masking unpleasant smells. For Thermen Berendonck, we made the perfect combination!

Thermen Bussloo

Hygienic, relaxing and comfortable: three pillars that are important to Thermen Bussloo. And the use of scents fits well with that!

Landal Greenparks

Pleasant scents? Happy visitors! A combination that is as clear to Landal Greenparks as it is to us. Read here how we achieved this.


Dolfinarium wanted its washrooms to be as splashy as the rest of the location. You don't have to tell us that twice!
Casino floor

Fairplay Casino

Going to the casino is a nice night out. And of course, that includes a nice scent! Fairplay Casino has clearly understood that.
Optisport swimming pool


Where people actively work up a sweat, using scent is a smart option. How we did this at Optisport, you can read in this case!
waiting room

Making waiting fun? The power of scent in the waiting room

We do some waiting in our lives. An activity that brings certain tensions to many people. How to reduce these and transform them correctly, read here!
Ziggo Dome building

Scent experience in Ziggo Dome

A unique location requires a unique atmosphere. Say no more! In this case, you can read how we ensured this at the Ziggo Dome by means of a scent experience.
CAST retail floor scent experience


With a range of no less than 500+ national and international brands, CAST is the trade platform for shoes, sports and fashion.
Building Villa Pardoes

Scent experience at Villa Pardoes

Using scent for a good cause. We are only too happy to do that. In this case you can read how we did it at Villa Pardoes.
hoorn store

Scent experience in E-bike Store

At E-bike Store it is not only about the e-bikes, but also about the atmosphere. A perfect solution is to use scent.
BlueMaxx Health Club

BlueMaxx Health Club

According to Blue Maxx Health Club, sports should be an experience. In this case, you can read how we helped to create this experience!
Lobby Pleiger

An extra touch in the Plieger shop and meeting room

What is missing from a good look and feel? Right, the smell! Read in this case how we brought this into the mix at Plieger.
kickboxing institute

The feeling of cleanliness at Kickboxing Institute

To let their athletes get the most out of themselves and to let it smell nice and fresh. That's what we at Kickboxing Insitute set out to do!
Upside Down

The Upside Down Amsterdam

When experience is not a side issue, but the main issue, there is no escaping the use of scent experience. A clear story for The Upside Down Amsterdam!
Game area at Holland Casino

Holland Casino

In this case you can read how we helped Holland Casino to offer their guests a perfect evening. By means of scent of course!
Koning Willem II Stadium

Koning Willem II stadium

Creating the perfect scent experience for players and supporters. Creating atmosphere. A clear goal, as far as the Koning Willem II stadium is concerned!
gym david lloyd

David Lloyd

Making your athletes fan(ical) through the right scent experience. In this case you can read how we helped David Lloyd to achieve this goal!
Badhotel Domburg

Badhotel Domburg

An authentic atmosphere: that is what Badhotel Domburg wanted to create. By using scent experience we contributed to this. You can read exactly how in this case!

Hotel Valkenburg by Mercure

Surprise, inspire, create an experience. Hotel Valkenburg by Mercure wants the best for its guests and now radiates that with its event experience!

Goossens Wonen & Slapen

Two themes, two experiences. In this case, you can read how we let the visitors of Goossens Wonen & Slapen imagine themselves in the right moods.
Cavallaro Store


Cavallaro: a brand with a unique style. They wanted this style to be reflected in everything, including the scent experience. In this case you can read how!

A 9+ Cleaning Experience: Why You Can't Do Without It

Creating a 9+ cleaning experience through scent experience? Yes, really! Why this is so important for your organisation and how to achieve it exactly, you'll read here.

BPI Services

Allowing clients in seclusion rooms to manage their own light, music, temperature, ambiance, as well as scent. We made this possible in collaboration with BPI Services.


Carefree parking. That's what Q-Park aims to provide its visitors. To assist in achieving this, we searched for an appropriate scent experience. And with success!