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The Sense Company Scent Family

The Plug & Play solution: it couldn't be easier. Plug in your scent device, connect it to your WiFi network, insert your scent cartridge, and you are ready to spread unexpected smiles! In addition, the Plug & Play solution provides flexibility. You are in control, whenever and wherever you want. 


Smart device overview

  • WiFi
  • Power output 12 V
  • Weight 1.5 kg
  • Dimensions 160x220x245 mm
  • Capacity 500m²
  • Smartphone control
  • 400ml/2000ml cartridge
  • Material LLDPE
  • Power cable 1 m

Smart is the new sexy

Smart scent device

Our scent system is smart. Very smart, in fact. Our scent system can tell you whether it is working properly, what scent it is giving off and how full the cartridge is. This saves you a lot of time and money because you don't have to keep checking! Want to know what else our scent system can do for your organisation?

Did you know that our smart scent device means you no longer have to check the status yourself?

App in Restaurant

Ultimate ease of use

Let your visitors enjoy the unique Sense scent experience. Easily set the misting schedules of your scent device via the free Sense app. Also, adjust the scent intensity. All this you do directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer!

Scent Cartridge

Months of pleasure from one scent cartridge

Thanks to our unique nebulising technology, a full scent cartridge can spray up to 400 hours of scent! This means your scent cartridge lasts for months and must only be replaced a few times a year. 



Never run out of scent with proactive notifications 

Is your cartridge almost empty? Then you'll get an automatic notification in your Sense app. This way, you don't have to worry about the fill level of your cartridge, and you can order your new scent well in advance! If that’s not carefree.

A financing that suits you

Starter package

  • PHUESE One scent system
  • 2x S cartridges
  • 1 year warranty

Smart Service One

  • PHUESE One scent system
  • Including scent
  • Swap service

PHUESE scent device

This is our smart scent device. Also known as the spreader of happiness! Our device has the capacity to scent (and with that happiness) rooms up to 500 m². In addition, it is easy to install yourself when you go for a Stand Alone or Direct Injection installation. Do you prefer to connect your PHUESE device to your air-conditioning system? That is possible! Our scent engineers will be happy to help you with this.

Note: Do you want to scent a room with a temperature of more than 40 degrees? Please contact us.

My Sense App & Portal

My Sense Device app

Always and everywhere in control of your scent device

Our scent device can be easily monitored and managed online 24/7 via our free scent portal or My Sense Device app.

Sense Assurances

  • Free shipping from 100 euros.
  • Delivered within 5 working days.
  • 14 day cooling off period.
  • Your scent device is online in no time.
  • Customers rate us with 4.8 out of 5.

PHUESE scent device

With this device, you get a real all-rounder in the house. The Sense scent device is suitable for rooms up to 500m².

Always and everywhere control

Our scent device excels in ease of use. You can easily manage it with your smartphone, tablet or PC via our free scent portal or My Sense Device app. Where and whenever you want! This way you can see if your scent device is still working properly, which scent is being spread and how much scent oil is left in your scent cartridge.
Adjusting the scent oil intensity? It couldn't be simpler. Have your opening hours changed? Then change these very easily, and you will only use scent oil at the times that you want! Also very useful: when your scent cartridge is almost empty, we will send you a notification. Would you like to leave the monitoring up to us? That is also possible. We call that carefree enjoyment!

Connect via wifi

To be able to control your scent device anytime and anywhere, it is connected to the internet. We use wifi as the standard for this. Good to know: if your internet connection is lost, your scent device will automatically switch to a backup program. Revolutionary in the world of scent management!

That installation? A piece of cake

If you choose to install your scent device Stand Alone or via Direct Injection, then you'll have the installation done in no time. Our instructions will guide you through the steps and connect your scent device to your WiFi network within minutes. Enjoy!

A scent that fits like a glove

With our wide range of scents, there is always one that fits your specific purpose and environment. The scents are delivered in a cartridge of 400ml or 2000ml. These last on average three to four months, depending on the scent intensity and atomization times, the scent oil and the size of the room.

Save costs and worries with a subscription

Want to save costs and worries? Then we advise you to choose one of our scent subscriptions. Would you like a subscription that includes the smart scent device, the powerful scent oil and the convenient online platform? Then choose Light subscription. You also have the option of leaving the installation of your scent device and its periodic maintenance to us. Great anyway!

Prefer a subscription for just your fscent oil? That's possible too! For a fixed amount per month we will send you scent oil periodically. So you're never without it and you don't have to worry about ordering it. Nice and carefree. Are you ready for a new scent? No problem at all! Let us know and we will make sure you get it with the next delivery. That way you will continue to surprise!