What is scent marketing?

what is scent marketing

What is scent marketing exactly? Scent marketing is the element in the marketing mix that is unprecedented but, most importantly, unconsciously powerful. Scent marketing is about diffusing scent into a space for a specific purpose. Whether this is to strengthen your brand identity or to activate people. When you bring your target group into contact with the right scent in the right way, this has a significant effect. The smell is the most underestimated sense for a reason!

Benefits of scent marketing

What are the benefits of scent marketing? Scent marketing can strengthen your brand identity, increase the likelihood of purchases and increase employee productivity and satisfaction. And those are just a few of the many scientifically-proven benefits of scent marketing. Sounds too good to be true? It does. Is it? It is anything but! Shame not to do something with it, right?

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Why use scent marketing?

Are you not using scent marketing yet? Congratulations! You are the happy owner of a surplus of opportunities. Opportunities that many companies are not taking. Scent marketing is an element that should not be missing in the marketing mix but, unfortunately, often is. We often see that companies have carefully chosen and aligned their brand elements, such as design, music and lighting. However, the scent is often overlooked in this process. With the many benefits of using scent marketing, a missed opportunity! Are you ahead of your competition?

How does scent marketing work?

It has been scientifically proven that scent marketing helps to reach targets. But why is this? Because smell is the only sense closely connected to our limbic system. The part of our brain involves our emotion, motivation, pleasure and emotional memory. The smell is therefore capable of arousing emotions, creating perceptions, activating people, calming them and forming memories. It may surprise you, but our feelings are determined 75% by smell! And we make most decisions unconsciously, based on these feelings.

For example, do you smell a pleasant scent? Then your brain focuses on the positive aspects of your environment. For the negative aspects, you have become blind. So it is not the environment that changes, but your experience. For example, a pleasant smell can transform an ordinary clothing store into an exclusive boutique in someone's perception. One where the products, prices, service and even fellow shop-goers are more highly valued. And that appreciation pays off. Literally. The point may be clear: a tool not to be underestimated!

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Scent marketing research

Throughout the years, much research has been done on scent marketing. We know, for example, that consumers judge a store more positively by the presence of a pleasant scent and come back more often. Another example of scent marketing research: scenting in hospitals has a healing effect on patients. It also strongly reduces the stress levels of doctors and nurses. Scenting contributes to achieving very diverse goals.

Scent marketing companies

Companies that use scent marketing recognise that the power of scent helps them achieve their goals. Whether these are internal (increase employee concentration and satisfaction) or external (differentiate from competitors and optimise the customer experience). For many companies, we help with their scent marketing; we provide the complete package: from an online scent device and powerful scent oils to maintenance and support. Successful scent marketing is not achieved by simply spreading scent. No worries, we are here to help you!



Smart is the new sexy

Smart scent device

Our scent system is smart. Very smart, in fact. Our scent system can tell you whether it is working properly, what scent it is giving off and how full the cartridge is. This saves you a lot of time and money because you don't have to keep checking! Want to know what else our scent system can do for your organisation?

Did you know that our smart scent device means you no longer have to check the status yourself?

Is scent marketing something for my business?

Scenting is not for every company. However, this has nothing to do with the size of a company. We help both large and small companies to use scent marketing successfully. What is the common denominator? They are companies who recognise that the power of scent helps them achieve their internal or external goals, have their image high on the agenda and want to distinguish themselves from their competitors by using scent marketing. Is your company one of these? Do you see that scent marketing is the cherry on top of your marketing cake that is still missing?

What scent fits my business?

You need to ask yourself: What is my goal with scent marketing? Different smells have different effects on both body and mind. And thus contribute to different goals. Do you want to activate your target group? Then you will quickly come to scents with citrus tones, such as lime and orange. Is relaxation or harmony your goal? Then lavender and vanilla are good ingredients. 

Do you want to enhance your brand identity? Then you can spread a scent that is recognisable for your brand. This will (often unconsciously) make a connection between the scent and your brand. If your visitor smells this scent again, later on, the association is quickly made. The filters on our webshop help you to select a scent that is most suitable for you! 

Scent marketing examples

We have many scent marketing examples. And we are proud of it! Wondering how we help companies in your industry to apply scent marketing successfully?

Get started with scent marketing!

That the use of scent marketing in companies has many advantages is obvious. But how do you put this into practice? You want to achieve your goals using scent, but this can only be done by doing it right. Whatever your goal is, we will help you with our smart scent device, powerful scent oils and the convenient My Sense Device app. A complete, professional and affordable scent platform. For every business, for every scenting need.