Full Service scent experience

Full Service Scent Experience

At Sense Company, we stand for total care. This translates into our complete service solution, where you don't have to worry about your scent management. We take care of the inventory, tailored advice, installation and maintenance on-site. If that is not carefree!



A tailored scent plan for you

One of our scent advisors will sit down with you to draw up a custom scent plan. It is tailor-made for you. We will discuss your organisation's scent requirements and do a thorough inventory of the location(s) to come to an appropriate scent plan.

Multi injection

No installation is too much for us

Are you satisfied with this advice? Then our experienced scent installers will install the scent device on location. Thanks to our various installation methods, no installation is too much for us! They will also immediately set the desired nebulisation times and scent intensity. 



Constant scent experience, constant quality

And after that? You still don't need to look after anything. Our scent engineers periodically maintain the scent device on location and ensure that the scent cartridges are filled sufficiently. This way, we always guarantee a constant quality of the scent experience!


What does Full Service scenting cost?

The standard price of Full Service scenting is €69,- per month per nebulisation point. How many nebulisation points do you need? That depends on the number of spaces, the content of the area and the type of space. 


Sense management portal

Smart scent management for fast service

Thanks to our smart scent technology, our scent controllers are always up to date with the status of the scent experience on location. This way, we prevent empty scent cartridges and are always aware of possible malfunctions and defects.


A financing that suits you


Full Service Pro

  • PHUESE Pro scent system
  • Including scent
  • Service on location

Starter package

  • PHUESE Pro scent system
  • 2x M cartridges
  • 1 year warranty
Full-Service scent experience is only available in the Netherlands and Belgium.