Scent is our tool, happiness is our goal

Happiness Team Sales

Spreading unexpected smiles through scent. That's what we do at Sense Company. That's what drives us! Every single day. Guilty of scent fanaticism? Guilty as charged. In possession of a shocking amount of energy to amaze and surprise? That’s absolutely certain. Do we mind? Certainly not! It is our fuel that takes us forward, makes us grow and puts a smile on the faces of more and more people. It approaches happiness. 

Happiness knows no boundaries, and neither do we

We spread this happiness in our own country and across our national borders. We have already spread our scent and happiness in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, England, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, and the Middle East. With proud! But of course, we won't stop there. With our unbridled energy, the conviction of the power of scent and the belief that anything is possible, we go for the ultimate happiness score. Spreading unexpected smiles everywhere! Will you help us?


Headquarters Sense Company

The power of the unexpected

Why do we at Sense Company believe so strongly in the power of scent? First of all, you can't ignore the scientific evidence. Several studies have shown that up to 75% of our emotions are determined by what we smell. An influence not to be underestimated! In addition, scent enters us unconsciously and invisibly. Therefore, the smile it gives you is one that unexpectedly strikes you, just like that. And that's precisely why it hits like a bomb. A smile of that calibre is much more powerful than any other smile. And because scent causes this, it is such a strong instrument. It makes Sense, right?

What we can do for you

That we have a great passion for scent is clear. But what can we do for you, and why is it so distinctive from others?


Sense Device Family

One-stop scent shop

From production to distribution: we do everything in-house. As a result, we always have control over the process and are not tied to other parties. For example, we choose suppliers who supply the best materials for our scents and scent devices. This gives us complete insight into what is put in our products. Your advantage? When you do business with us, you do business with ús.


Specialist planning scent experience

Leading scent specialist

If we can take the liberty of saying it ourselves: we are a leader in innovation, quality and sustainability regarding scent marketing and scent experience. We do in-house research, and our engineers and technicians develop new scent solutions and optimise existing ones. We like to let you benefit from this unbridled drive for innovation and will to improve continuously through our products and services!


pop-up app

Service with a smile!

With our service, we hope to multiply our smiles. Whether we transfer it to you during personal contact or simply by the ease of use of our scent devices. When you are happy, we are happy.

Do you also want to spread unexpected smiles? Join us as a partner!

Sustainability within our scent factory

Sustainability: a subject you can't ignore these days. And we don't want to ignore it either. At Sense Company, we include it in our decisions and considerations. Every day again. In this way, we try to make our footprint even smaller. Because that makes us all happier, right? Let's spread some sustainable smiles!