Baby Soft scent oil

Baby Soft scent oil


The name says it all: as soft as a baby. The perfect description of this mild, slightly sweet fragrance, reminiscent of the smell of newborns. Frequently made associations with this scent are relaxation, safety and motherly love. This is why Baby Soft is often used in hospitality, retail and wellness.

Sense certainties

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Baby Soft geurolie

Opbouw geur

De Baby Soft geurolie is opgebouwd uit de volgende geurfamilies:

  • Oriëntaal
  • Houtig
  • Groen / Fris
  • Bloemig

topnoten: bloemig groen
hartnoten: roos, lila, lelie
basisnoten: zoet poederachtig


Baby Soft past vooral goed in de volgende ruimten:

  • Wachtruimte
  • Kleedruimte
  • Winkelruimte

Care, Sanitary, Sport and fitness

Area advice

Dressing room, Hall, Toilet group, Waiting room

Scent oil

Non- essential oil

Desired effect

Building trust, Reassuring


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