Smart scent technology

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Smart tools are impossible to imagine out of facility services. Technology is developing rapidly and offers many opportunities to organise work and management processes efficiently. Also, there are opportunities to apply smart technology in the field of scent. Smart scent technology helps you to manage your scent experience simply. Very convenient for facility service providers! Do you want to know what smart scent technology can do for your organisation?

What is smart scent technology? 

Smart scent technology is the set of IoT scent systems, sensors, data exchange and management software. It may sound complicated, but it makes managing your scent experience much easier. The main focus is on gathering information to manage your scent experience easily. Scenting devices can be managed from one central environment, and maintenance inspections can be planned more efficiently. An indispensable tool for facility management!

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Building management with a smart scent management system

Time savings, cost savings, and ease of use; smart scent management helps facility service providers to deploy staff more efficiently. But that is not all: scent management also allows you to optimise the visitor experience. Even remotely! The system also shows you how much scent oil has been used. Checking every physical space is, therefore, a thing of the past. The scent management system gives you the information you need to monitor the scent experience in each building and room. For example, the intensity of the scent experience, future vacancy or any malfunctions is displayed in a convenient overview. A large office or extensive buildings? Then this is not an unnecessary luxury!

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Is smart scent technology something for me?

Smart scent management is a solution for anyone looking to add scent to a space. Where facility staff can use comprehensive management software to manage multiple locations and areas, small and medium enterprises can work with a convenient scent app to manage their scent intensity and nebulisation times. In every industry and type of organisation, there are many examples of situations where smart scent management can come in handy. For example, the facility employee of a sauna likes that the scent experience in each sauna cabin can be monitored clearly. The store owner likes the fact that the intensity of the scent can be easily adjusted with a smartphone. But also in other industries and types of organisations, such as sports and fitness, swimming pools, offices, casinos, health care institutions and hotels, smart scent technology can save a lot of time and provide ease of use. A valuable investment! Want to know what smart scent technology can do for you?

Scenting systems versus smart scenting devices

A scent device, of course, has to spread scent. But if it's smart, it does more than that. A smart scent device connects to the internet. This allows information to be exchanged. This information, in turn, appears in software applications that make managing the system easier and more efficient. This can be information about the consumption of scent oil, the status of the scent device, the type of scent oil being nebulised or the intensity of the scent experience. All information that makes it easier to manage your scent experience. Also, adjustments in consumption and intensity can be made remotely through an app or management tool. With ordinary scent systems, the facility employee must physically retrieve this information to ensure the quality of the scent experience. With smart scent device, the device itself does this for them. That saves another round of maintenance! 

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To measure is to know.

Smart sensors in scent devices can provide a wealth of information for facility staff. Is the pump of the scent device still working correctly? What is the lifetime of the scent device? When should the scent cartridge be changed? What is the ideal intensity for the area where the scent is to be used? Is the network signal strong enough to enable scenting? There are endless opportunities and possibilities to make scent management even smarter. For example, you can think of sensors that measure external factors. Factors that influence the perfect scent intensity for a particular space. Here you can think of the temperature, the crowd or the visitor's satisfaction. 

Integrations with facility management information systems (FMIS)

Intelligent building systems are increasingly being used. As an organisation, you have existing systems to manage your facility services. Scenting technology may not be absent from these in the future. For example, API links can connect to Facility Management Information Systems (FMIS). These links offer the possibility to start workflows through automatic notifications. Thus, through this technology, processes can be made easier and more efficient. Is a scent cartridge almost empty? Then, for example, a message can be sent directly to the supplier concerned to send a new scent cartridge. No one needs to check or order this. Handy!


A financing that suits you


Smart Service One

  • For spaces up to 150m2
  • PHUESE One scent system
  • Including scent
  • Swap service

Smart Service Pro

  • For spaces up to 500m2
  • PHUESE Pro scent system
  • Including scent
  • Swap service