The feeling of cleanliness at Kickboxing Institute

To let their athletes get the most out of themselves and to let it smell nice and fresh. That's what we at Kickboxing Insitute set out to do!
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Facilitating optimal cleanliness experiences. That is what Kickboxing Institute has in mind! The stylishly furnished dojos offer athletes the opportunity to work on their sporting goals in the best possible way. An appropriate scent should contribute to the perception of cleanliness in these spaces. Super important in a time where hygiene plays a major role. With this assignment, we stepped into the ring.


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To increase the perception of a hygienic environment for athletes, we developed a special scent. Light hints of citrus, peppermint and rosemary create a perfect sense of cleanliness and make believe that cleaning has just taken place. A complete knockout of unwanted odours. Tim Thijssen, responsible for total experience at The Kickboxing Institute, is happy with the result: "The scent gives just that extra kick we need!"