Carefree parking. That's what Q-Park aims to provide its visitors. To assist in achieving this, we searched for an appropriate scent experience. And with success!

We all know it: the search for your car in the parking garage. You walk through the stairwell to the right floor. Once in the garage, you still have to locate the payment machine. In this outlined scenario, Q-Park wants its visitors to feel at ease, even carefree. No problem at all, if you ask us! Meanwhile, we are proud scent distributors of 68 Q-Park locations.

Carefree parking, carefree experience

Q-Park stands for Quality in parking. With locations throughout the Netherlands, it is one of the largest parking organizations in Europe. What it offers: carefree parking. And that's something Q-Park wanted to extend to every area of its premises, such as stairwells and payment areas. And what's the perfect solution for a pleasant, secure, and thus carefree experience? You guessed it; scent!

checkout of Qpark

Scent for a clean and safe feeling

Scent largely influences our emotions. And there were some opportunities left for Q-Park in this area. For example, the payment area is a place where you should feel safe and comfortable, especially since this space is open day and night. This naturally applies to stairwells as well, where potential unwanted odors can be neutralized. This is where the challenge lies: how do you make visitors feel at ease? And how do you ensure the maximum sense of cleanliness?

Two questions we're eager to tackle head-on! After a visit from Q-Park to our scent factory in Tilburg, we decided to run a pilot program in Amsterdam and Hilversum. And with success: the responses were positive! The less pleasant odors in the stairwells were neutralized, and the addressed areas smelled familiar. Ready for the real deal! Our inviting Character scent oil is now bringing unexpected smiles to 68 Q-Park locations throughout the Netherlands!

Carefree enjoyment of scent

A carefree experience; that's what Q-Park wanted not only for its visitors but also for itself. Say no more! Our scent technicians installed all the scent systems. Additionally, we take care of all the maintenance. We also monitor daily scent oil consumption to prevent any shortages. And we periodically come by to refill the scent oil. Moreover, the scent systems are tamper-proof, because they are placed out of sight. So, no worries about that either. If visitors prefer a different scent, switching the scent oil is no issue at all. A true win-win, if you ask us. How carefree can it get!