How scent marketing plays a vital role in swimming pool centers

Scent marketing not only affects the physical performance of your customers, but it can also have loads of other benefits: Strengthened brand identity, loyalty, customer satisfaction and revenue. With scent, it can be done!

When you think of a swimming pool, the first scent that likely comes to mind is the sharp tang of chlorine. A universal sign that signals a feeling of cleanliness and safety. But what if instead of this familiar chemical scent, you’re being greeted by a subtle scent of lavender or peppermint? Welcome to the world of scent marketing, where we can use scent to enhance the sensory experience of swimmers to improve various factors we’re going to talk about in this article.

Scent on physical performance

A 2024 systematic review looked at 19 experiments performed around the world to look at the effects of scent on physical performance. It concluded that scents like lavender and peppermint positively impacted physical performance, while unpleasant smells had a negative effect. 

You might be thinking: ‘but not everyone that’s going to my swimming pool is a dedicated athlete’, and while that may be true, enhancing the sensory experience with strategic scents can be beneficial for everyone. 

For instance, the scent of peppermint might help early morning swimmers feel more awake and energized, turning an otherwise sluggish dip into a refreshing swim. Similarly, the calming effect of lavender could help evening swimmers wind down, making their experience more relaxing and enjoyable.

The benefits of scent marketing for your organization
Scent marketing not only affects the physical performance of your customers, but it can have a plethora of other benefits too:

Strengthen brand identity

When your pool always has carefully selected scents that match the needs of your customers, they start to associate the scents with your brand. This increases the identity of your brand and differentiates yourself from the competition.

Increase loyalty

By creating the association mentioned above, we can also increase the loyalty of our customers to your brand. This increase in loyalty will make it more likely that customers return and choose you over your competitors.

Increase customer satisfaction

By providing your customers with a positive scent experience, we increase the satisfaction of our customers and create an atmosphere they want to return to time and time again.

Increase revenue

More returning customers means more revenue! By implementing scent marketing and reaping all of the described benefits, we not only increase the experience of customers, but also potentially increase the total number of customers.

How we can help

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