3X Spring & scent! How your organization uses scent as a tool this season.

Discover what spring scents can do for your organization.
Grass and sun

You’ve probably felt them already: the spring jitters in your tummy. As of today, spring has officially begun! The days are getting longer, and moods are lifting. It’s a good idea for your organization to capitalize on this. How? With scent, of course!  

Scent marketing and spring 

Our sense of smell is especially stimulated in spring: nature is beginning to bloom and we’re spending more time outdoors.. The scent of flowers and freshly cut grass fills our nostrils. This scent experience brings back pleasant memories and associations, which makes us all feel better. Time to take action with scent marketing. 

Spring scents

We have listed three spring scents that can help your organization build brand identity and improve customer experience. Dive with us into the effects of scent marketing! 



French Bloom

The first scent is one of our new scents and contains a blend of woody depth and floral notes. French Bloom immediately reminds us of the first sunny walk in the park and a fresh bouquet of flowers at home. Warm, sweet, and elegant, this scent is perfect for conveying hospitality and luxury, and boosting customer satisfaction. The warmth and floral scent can boost your organization’s sales. That’s a nice touch! 


Fresh Rainforest

Fresh Rainforest

Fresh Rainforest, on the other hand, is a incredibly fresh scent that will leave you completely relaxed. The expressive, green top notes and leafy heart takes you back to that wonderful summer rain and the scent that follows. The scent is suitable for a versatility of spaces and provides relaxation and neutralization. Say goodbye to stale and unpleasant odors. 




In spring, nature awakens again. Revitalizing fits this perfectly: breathing in new life. With this fresh blend of citrus, floral and warm base notes, energy is blown into the room. Fun fact: the scent of citrus makes people more likely to clean and keeps spaces clean faster (Holland et al., 2005). This scent is ideal for large and varied spaces with many visitors. Revitalizing helps you activate visitors, neutralize unwanted odors and keep spaces clean! 


Impact of scent

In short, this season there are plenty of opportunities to use scent marketing to achieve your organizational goals. Whether it’s to provide a warm welcome, achieve commercial goals, increase productivity or simply keep spaces cleaner, scent can make it happen for you. So, are you ready to get started with scent?