Unwanted smells: the impact on a space

Find out how we take a targeted approach to solving unwanted smell problems!
Keep nose closed

Scent plays a crucial role in the experience of a space. It has the power to completely transform a space and even affect our emotions. A pleasant scent can create a positive atmosphere, while unwanted smells can have a negative impact on how we experience the space. Read here how we tackle unwanted scent problems and transform the experience of your space!

Scent nuisance: more than just an unwanted smell

Scent nuisance goes beyond simply an unwanted smell. It can also cause health complaints, such as headaches, dizziness, and nausea. The restroom is one of the biggest sources of scent nuisance, with as many as 80% of Dutch people being bothered by it. Scent influences our choices more than we think and thus determines the total experience of a space or organization.

Not only can unwanted smells affect the present, but they can also evoke unpleasant memories, causing visitors to associate a space with negative experiences. The result? Less loyalty and active avoidance of that particular place. That's a waste of the space and the memories attached to it.


But how do we tackle this challenge? Simple: with scent neutralization! Wherever there are unwanted smells, neutralization is relevant. For example, think of neutralizing bad smells in sanitary spaces. But other spaces, such as sports halls, shops, restaurants, and hotels, can also deal with unwanted smells. In fact, when choosing a hotel, people are even influenced by online reviews about the smell. Avoiding a shop with an unpleasant scent is also not uncommon. Situations we would like to address! You too?

A scent experience that strengthens your brand

By spreading the right scent at the right moment, we can neutralize unwanted smells and stimulate positive emotions. So, not only is the unwanted smell gone, but the area smells nice as well! And that's not all! Spreading a suitable scent strengthens your brand and enhances the experience and evaluation of your visitors. In short, win-win!

To be able to neutralize unwanted smells effectively and for a long time, we use the cold nebulization technique with our smart scent system. This allows us to guarantee a constant scent experience.

Smell the success

Unwanted smells should not be underestimated when it comes to visitor experience. By using scent experience, you can not only combat unwanted smells but also improve the overall experience of visitors. Do you also want to experience the power of scent experience and tackle unwanted smell problems?