World Environment Day 2024: United for Livability

Today is World Environment Day with this year's theme: land restoration, desertification and drought resilience. We at Sense Company are happy to do our part.

This year, with World Environment Day, VVM wants to pay attention to the fact that environmental pollution is still a major problem. It greatly affects people's health and thus quality of life and longevity. Water is becoming a threatening factor as climate change and environmental pollution put increasing pressure on a limited amount of fresh water. So it's time to take action!

Sustainable Scent Factory

At Sense Company, we believe that sustainability is not only a responsibility, but also an opportunity. We are already taking advantage of these opportunities in our building, better known as "scent factory," where we promote biodiversity and provide cleaner air with an insulating sedum roof. Our roof also captures rainwater, which we use to flush our toilets. Did you know that the Netherlands receives 847 millimeters of rain per year? A shame not to do anything with it, we think.

EcoVadis Committed Badge

Our dedication to corporate social responsibility has not gone unnoticed. Since April of this year, we can say that we are in possession of an EcoVadis Committed Badge!

EcoVadis is a global platform that rates companies on their sustainability performance. Companies are evaluated and rated based on their policies, actions and results achieved. The goal: to promote transparency and improvement in sustainability practices. This badge therefore recognizes our commitment to environmental protection, fair working conditions, ethical business practices and sustainable sourcing.

Kibandaongo Kenya Foundation

World Environment Day goes beyond Sense Company or the Netherlands, of course. We are committed to a better future for all, which is why we have joined the Kibandaongo Kenya Foundation.

This foundation has been committed since 2011 to the people of Kibandaongo in southeastern Kenya, who desperately need help on several fronts. The remote and poor area of Kibandaongo struggles with extreme drought, lack of running water, no electricity and poor medical and educational facilities. The ultimate goal of this foundation: to strengthen the local community and promote sustainable development.

We strongly believe in the power of working together and making a positive impact. By joining forces, we hope to bring unexpected smiles to Kibandaongo as well!