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Scent experience in casinos

Scent marketing in casinos: an investment that pays off visibly. Research has shown that scent diffusion in rooms with slot machines increases revenues by about 45%. How? Because of the ‘flow state’ of the visitors. This means that they lose their sense of time and become fully absorbed in the activity. They become calmer, stay longer and spend more money. Their appreciation of the casino also increases. No wonder that almost all casinos in Las Vegas use scent devices!

How we help casinos with their scent experience? Check out some of our happy cases!

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Holland Casino

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Creating a flow state

By creating a flow state, people become fully immersed in an activity and lose their sense of time. A state of being that is usually experienced as pleasant.

Optimising visitor experience

Are you striving for an optimal visitor experience? Then you want all your expressions to be in line with each other to create the ultimate experience for your visitor. Also scent.

Masking unwanted smells

When unwanted smells are present, not only the value of the area in question will decline, but often the value of the company itself as well. In short, masking these smells is an important scent target.

scent experience in casinos

Smoking without the smell of smoke
With the implementation of the smoking ban in the Netherlands, casinos had to deal with a separation in areas. One for playing and the other for playing and smoking. By providing the latter of a scent that removes the smell of smoke, smoking guests stay longer in the casino. And also for the staff it is more pleasant to work. We call this win-win.

What is your winning scent?
Do you want to know which scent suits your casino best? Based on your wishes, goals and desired appearance, our experienced scent advisers will be happy to help you choose the perfect scent. They will give you a number of scent suggestions, which we can test for a period of time to see which ones give the winning result. Jackpot!

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