Scent goal: enriching flavours


Do you recognise it? You walk somewhere and smell apple pie. You get a spontaneous appetite. This is because smell influences how we feel and behave. Moreover, our sense of smell also enables us to taste. So our sense of smell and taste are closely linked. When you eat a dish, it's not just the combination of ingredients that gives you the taste experience, but also the (ambient) smell! In a restaurant, canteen or café, dishes can be raised to a higher level. Purely by ensuring that the ambient scents are stimulating and appropriate. And we like to help with that!

Enriching flavours through scent

Which ambient scents enrich the taste? Make your space smell like Sweet Apple Pie, and you'll sell a piece of pie with your coffee. Or do you want to draw your visitors in for those delicious freshly ground beans? Then it certainly won't hurt to diffuse the scent of Cappuccino. Are you looking for a luxurious scent that fits well with the consumption of a dish? Then our scent oil Wild Fig will ensure that all your dishes taste richer.

Would you like to experience scents that enrich flavours?

Request our scent samples free of charge, without obligation and experience which scent oils fit best with your organisation or spaces.

For which areas and organisations is this suitable?

Do you serve beautiful dishes, but there is no smell in the room that does justice to them? That's a pity! There is a surplus of opportunities to be exploited everywhere food is served. Think of restaurants, lunchrooms, canteens or coffee shops. In short, anywhere where you want to make stomachs rumble and send your guests home with a smile on their faces. That tastes like more!