Scent goal: promoting hospitality


Ideally, we would like to feel comfortable somewhere right away. A feeling that is often created by hospitality. And hospitality is also related to the appearance of a space. And we are not just talking about what we see or what sounds we hear, but also about what we smell! For example, certain smells make us feel welcome. Not only crucial for your visitors but also for your employees.

Promoting hospitality through scent

Want to take hospitality to the next level? Then the scent oil Jasmin Secret is the right scent for you! This mysterious scent with sweet tones reminds you of a warm summer evening in Italy. And who would not want that? Are you looking for a powerful, rich and stylish scent? Then you will soon come to Xourthe. With its oriental and woody tones, this scent oil creates a luxury experience. But we can also suggest that a welcoming space may be soft and calming. In that case, it is better to choose the scent oil, Aloe Vera. This has a relaxing, calming effect and guarantees to make visitors feel at ease.

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For which spaces and organisations is this suitable?

The first impression is very decisive for visitor appreciation. It is therefore essential to spread a scent that radiates hospitality. You want to create this welcome feeling at high-traffic locations, where many passers-by stay for a short time. Think of airports and stations. In addition, waiting rooms and entrances are often the first areas visitors enter. So make sure you make the best first impression because you can't make a second one!