Citronella & Kaffir

Citronella & Kaffir

Fresh, Citrus, Sanitary

Did you know that scent plays a major role in the cleaning experience? Yes, it does! Citronelle & Kaffir takes the cleaning experience within your organisation to a higher level. This leafy scent has its own character. The citrus top notes make it a fresh fragrance that creates a clean feeling. Citronelle & Kaffir therefore comes into its own in a sanitary area.


Top notes: Citronella Kaffir Mandarin
Heart notes: Jasmine Lavender
Base notes: Amber Musk Sandalwood

Suitable for

  • Dressing room
  • Restrooms
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Organisatie type
All types of businesses with such premises
Room advice
Dressing room Restrooms
Scent oil
Non Etherial
Wished effect
Neutralising Refreshing