Warm, Leather, Lighly sweet

Isideau is an enchanting interior fragrance that diffuses a complex, lightly sweet perfume throughout any space. This refined scent is crafted with carefully selected ingredients, including leather and musk. The leather adds a touch of elegance and warmth to the fragrance, while the musk creates a sensual and profound dimension. The combination of these ingredients results in a balanced and harmonious scent that evokes a luxurious ambiance. Isideau is an inviting fragrance that stimulates the senses and brings a feeling of refinement and comfort to your interior. A sophisticated aroma that leaves a lasting impression.


Top notes: Italian bergamot
Heart notes: Floral Sweet
Base notes: Amber Musk

Suitable for

  • Gallery/Corridors
  • Hairdressing salon
  • Lobby
  • Store
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Organisatie type
Boekwinkel Hotel Hairdresser Men's clothing shop
Room advice
Gallery/Corridors Hairdressing salon Lobby Store
Scent oil
Non Etherial
Wished effect
Hospitable Luxury

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