Smart scent device

My Sense Device App

With a smart scent device you are flexible and always in control. Plug in, connect to your WiFi network, insert the scent cartridge and you are ready to spread unexpected smiles!

PHUESE, app & Cartridge

Smart scent device at a glance

  • WiFi
  • Power output 12V
  • Weight 1,5 kg
  • Dimensions 160x220x245
  • Capacity 500m²
  • Smartphone/Tablet control
  • 400ml Cartridge
  • Material LLDPE
  • Power cable 1m
Restaurant Scent Experience

Ultimate ease of use

Let your visitors enjoy the unique Sense scent experience. Set the misting schedules of your Wi-Fi enabled scenting device via the Sense app and adjust the scent intensity directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Device in Office space

400 ml scent cartridge: 400 hours of nebulisation

Thanks to our unique nebulising technology, a full scent cartridge can spray up to 400 hours of scent! This means your scent cartridge lasts for months and must only be replaced a few times a year. 

Low cartridge notification

Never run out of scent

Is your scent cartridge almost empty? You will receive an automatic notification in your Sense app. This way, you don't have to worry about the fill level of the cartridge and you can request your new scent experience well in advance!

Just Plug & Play

Sound simple? It's simple too! What you need for the perfect fragrance experience in an instant?

Start experiencing scent

Power source

Plug your scent system into a power outlet.


Connect your scent system to your WiFi network.

My Sense Device app

Download the free My Sense Device app and follow the instructions. You are now spreading unexpected smiles!

Scent Collections of Sense Company

Always a scent for your desired experience

Change your scent on a regular basis or distribute one signature scent consistently. You decide which experience you want to create from your Sense app.

A financing that suits you

Smart Service One

  • For spaces up to 150m2
  • PHUESE One scent system
  • Including scent
  • Swap service

Smart Service Pro

  • For spaces up to 500m2
  • PHUESE Pro scent system
  • Including scent
  • Swap service