Smart or Full service scent expierence

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Intelligent and sustainable systems

Smart Service

With Smart Service scenting, ease of use is key. Think simple installation, intuitive operation and smart notifications to replace your scent cartridge on time. The scenting system thinks for you. This leaves you with more time for your guests!

The installation? You can do it yourself. Thanks to our fast delivery, you can get started with scenting in no time! Plug in your scent system, connect it to your WiFi network, insert your scent cartridge and you're ready to spread unexpected smiles!

Malfunction or defect? No worries! We will send you a replacement system as soon as possible. So you can continue to guarantee your visitors an optimal experience. If we happen to be in the area, we will drop by to replace the scent system.

Sense Company scent expert doing service

Full Service

At Sense Company, we stand for total care. This translates into our complete service solution, where you don't have to worry about your scent management. We take care of the inventory, tailored advice, installation and maintenance on-site. If that is not carefree!

No installation is too much for us! Our experienced scent installers will install the scent systems on site. Thanks to our various installation methods, no installation is too much for us! They will also immediately set the desired nebulisation times and scent intensity. 

Constant scent experience, constant quality. You don't have to worry about a thing. Our scent engineers periodically maintain the scent systems on location and ensure that the scent cartridges are filled sufficiently. This way, we always guarantee a constant quality of the scent experience!

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What are the costs?

How many nebulisation points do you need? That depends on the number of spaces, the content of the area and the type of space.

The standard price of Full Service scenting is €65,- per month per nebulisation point.

The standard price of Smart Service scenting is €45,- per month per nebulisation point.

Subscriptions that suit you

Smart service lease from

€45,- p/m
  • System
  • Including scent
  • Swap service

Full service lease from

€65,- p/m
  • System
  • Including scent
  • Service on location