Smart scent device

Sense Company scent device
Smart is the new sexy. And it just so happens that our scent device is smart. Einstein-smart, if you will.

But what can you do with this smart scent device? Or rather, what can this smart system do for you? Some of its strengths include indicating whether it is still working correctly, what scent it emits, and how full the scent cartridge is. Another useful thing: our scent system automatically switches to a backup program when its internet connection is lost. Revolutionary, even if we say so ourselves!


Always in control App&System

Place in control 

At home from the couch, in a traffic jam or in a queue. Wherever you are and whatever time it is, with our handy (free) My Sense Device app, you have 24/7 control over your scent device! And therefore, your scent experience. Do you have many scent devices, or do you manage the devices of your customers? Then our scent portal is the solution. 


With the app or portal, you can easily set your scents' nebulisation times and scent intensity through scent schedules. Do your opening hours change? Then adjust this in just a few clicks. This way, you only use the scent oil when you want to! Do you want to make your smell even better? Or just more subtle? Then simply adjust your scent intensity. Exactly the way you want it. We also offer online support through the app and portal. From solutions to error messages to explanations of functionalities. Do you have any questions? You can always contact us!

Connected 24/7

The My Sense Device app and the scent portal allow you to control your scenting system anytime, anywhere, because they are connected to the internet. We use WiFi as the standard. Don't have a (suitable) WiFi network? Then we also supply scent devices with a GPRS connection. So, you're connected no matter what!


Portal scent

A constant, powerful scent spread. 

There are various techniques for dispersing scent in spaces. For example, wall sprays, granules, dry mist, heating and ultrasonic. All of these techniques, in our opinion, do not do justice to the scent or do not provide a consistent scent experience. Therefore, our device uses the cold diffusing technique. During this misting process, dry mist dissolves in the air and is carried into the room by the natural airflow. This way, the scent spreads evenly and does not sink to the ground quickly. As a result, we can guarantee you a consistent scent experience. Promised!


Scent cartridge

User-friendly scent cartridge 

Installing the cartridge in your scent system is easier than you think. The filling level? You can see that at a glance in the My Sense Device app or scent portal. However, you don't even need to see it yourself. Our scent system tells you via the app when the cartridge is almost empty. So you're never without scent again! In addition, the scent nebuliser is in the cap of the cartridge instead of in the system itself. This means you get a new nebuliser with every new cartridge and never have to clean it!