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At Sense Company, we firmly believe in the power of scent. And that is contagious. In the meantime, we have gained many fine partners. Together with them, we try to spread as many unexpected smiles as possible. Every day! Would you like to help?

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1. Manage your clients

Are you already a Sense partner and do you want to manage the scent systems of your clients? This is easy via our online scent portal. Here you can see all your clients in a clear dashboard. This makes it very easy to monitor their fragrance systems and fragrance oil usage (and in a later stage customer satisfaction). And to provide proactive service based on the results. Your customer happy, you happy!

Sense Company Partner

Benefits of customer management

  • It saves you unnecessary customer visits
  • You can offer your customers a proactive service
  • You can purchase more efficiently

2. Register new client

Are you already a Sense-partner and do you want to make an offer to a (potential) client? Then please fill in the inventory form. After receiving it, we will contact you as soon as possible for a clear scent plan!

3. Become a Sense Partner

Are you also enthusiastic about fragrance experience and would you like to profit from our partner benefits? Then contact us to see what we can do for each other! 

Warm welcome

Why become a partner of Sense Company?

  • Your market expands
  • You can provide your clients with the best fragrance solution
  • You can offer your clients a proactive service

Monitoring and managing scent systems

Does your client manage his own scent systems? Then we have the My Sense Device app. Here the fragrance intensity and atomization times can be easily adjusted. In this app, your client only has access to the scent systems of the branch in question.

You as Sense partners and/or the head office of your client have access to the scent portal. From here you can monitor and manage all the scent systems of all your branches. This way you always have an overview of these fragrance systems and of the fragrance oil consumption, wherever in the world.

Various choices in service level

Together with you as a Sense partner we make standardized agreements about installations, monitoring and serving your client. Do you manage your client's fragrance systems? Or does your client's head office prefer to manage this in-house? Both is possible! We can also take care of the entire odour management. In this case we provide the necessary service and support remotely. Our aim is to create a win-win situation, where everyone involved can enjoy scent without any worries. 

Proactive service

Do you manage the scent systems of your customer? Then you can see at a glance on our scent platform where and when service is needed. This platform makes it clear when scent cartridges need to be replaced and if there are any malfunctions. This makes it even easier to optimally fulfil the wishes of your customer. 

Through app notifications, the end-user can be contacted proactively when cartridges need to be replaced or malfunctions need to be resolved. Efficient and highly scalable!

Sense App & Portal

Easily link our scent platform to your own service platform

An API link makes it possible to connect different types of applications with each other. This way different systems can exchange information and complement each other with certain functionalities. There are possibilities to integrate our online scent platform with your own service platform. It's very convenient!

Found: gap in the market!

The world of scenting and scent marketing is still young and unexplored in many places. And yet every space in every industry is suitable for scenting. No matter how big or small an organisation is, our online scenting systems offer the perfect solution. What makes our systems so unique? Because they are connected to the Internet, they are incredibly easy to manage and monitor. Both for distributors and end-users. Also enthusiastic? Let us know about it!


The best scent solution for every business

With our powerful fragrances, smart scent systems and online scent platform, we offer the best scent solutions for both large and small companies. This is made possible by our years of experience in the field of scenting, scent neutralization and scent installations. It's not for nothing that we work with the largest cleaning companies to create a 9+ cleaning experience! 

Online customer management: simple and efficient

When you become a Sense partner and you want to manage the scent systems of your clients, you can do so easily through our online scent portal. Here you can see all your clients in a conveniently arranged dashboard. This makes it incredibly easy to monitor their scent systems and their fragrance oil usage (and later, customer satisfaction). And to provide proactive service based on the results. Your customer happy, you happy! 

Advantages of online customer management

  • It saves you unnecessary customer visits
  • You can offer your customers proactive service
  • You can purchase more efficiently

Knowledge transfer and customer-oriented propositions

Through years of experience in very different industries, we know the wishes of end users through and through. In order to transfer this knowledge to you, we give annual partner trainings. We keep you informed of the trends in the world of fragrance experience and we help you to offer the best proposition to your target group. Win-win-win is what we call it!

Become a partner and profit!

Are you as enthusiastic about scent as we are? Fill in the application form or contact us to see what we can do for each other!

Boost productivity with scents by Sense Company

Business partners

  • Partners in interior design: TMM, Xenox, First Impression, Passe Partout, Taush
  • Partners in cleaning: Vendor, CWS, Asito, CSU, Toletto, Hago, Dolmans
  • Partners in Wellness: VNSWB, Avant Garde
  • Partner in hotel: Rituals
VIlla Pardoes

Social partners

  • Foundation Opkikker
  • Villa Pardoes

Smart is the new sexy

Smart scent device

Our scent system is smart. Very smart, in fact. Our scent system can tell you whether it is working properly, what scent it is giving off and how full the cartridge is. This saves you a lot of time and money because you don't have to keep checking! Want to know what else our scent system can do for your organisation?

Did you know that our smart scent device means you no longer have to check the status yourself?