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At Sense Company, we firmly believe in the power of scent. And that is contagious. In the meantime, we have gained many great partners. Together with them, we try to spread as many unexpected smiles as possible. Every day! Will you help us?

The partnership

If you have been browsing around our website and are as passionate about scent experience as we are, consider becoming a partner! With our products, you too can let your customers enjoy the benefits of constant scent experience. But that's not all. Together, we look at how we can best support each other and your customers. We categorise partners as bronze, silver or gold. If you are just starting to deliver leads and sales fall below 10 systems, you are automatically categorised as bronze. But as your leads and sales grow and you include us in your offer, you can soon move up to silver or gold. The benefits? Those increase, of course. As an account manager in the gold category, you can earn up to EUR 585 per system and enjoy luxury incentives.

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Why become a partner?

Of course it is nice to benefit from the proceeds, but that is not the only reason to become a partner. Together, we spread smiles. Smell is our tool, happiness is our goal! Think of spaces where we can help people calm down, such as waiting rooms in hospitals, or neutralising unpleasant smells in certain locations. We do it to make others happy. And don't worry about service. If a customer opts for our Smart Service subscription, they can manage the scent experience themselves.

With Full Service, the service is in our hands.And let's not forget how nice it is when we can help each other further, not only in sales, but also by sharing our network for content, social media or events. We are happy to give presentations on location and organise internal events with partners to get the best out of it for both!

Knowledge transfer and customer-focused propositions

Thanks to our years of experience in various industries, we know the needs of end users inside out. To share this knowledge with you, we offer annual partner training courses. Here, we keep you informed about the latest trends in the world of scent perception and help you offer the best proposition for your target group. Win-win-win, as we call it!

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Become a partner and benefit!

Are you as enthusiastic about scent as we are? Then fill in the application form or contact us to find out what we can do for each other together!

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Wondering which partners we already work with?

  • Visitor experience: First Impression, Passe Partout, Avex
  • Cleaning experience: CWS, Asito, CSU, Toletto, Vebego, Nederrijn, Blankersschoon
  • Wellness: VNSWB
  • Sport: VES (Exclusive Sports Centres Association)
  • Care: FMG (Facility Management Healthcare)
  • Hotels: Rituals