Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR)


Sustainability: a subject you can't ignore these days. And we don't want to ignore it either. At Sense Company, we include it in our decisions and considerations. Every day again. In this way, we try to make our footprint even smaller. Because that makes us all happier, right? Let's spread some sustainable smiles!


The Scent-factory

A better world starts with ourselves! That is why we have chosen sustainable business premises, better known as our scent-factory. What is sustainable? First, there is a floor heating system in combination with a heat pump. Because we extract heat from the ground with this, we no longer use gas, reducing our CO2 emissions.

A green roof? Check! The scent-factory has a naturally insulating sedum roof. This protects our premises, is suitable for biodiversity, and absorbs a lot of rainwater. Did you know that an average of 847 mm of rain falls in the Netherlands annually? A shame not to do anything with it! That is why we use the collected rainwater for flushing our toilets.

We also plan when it comes to sustainability. The next step we will take is placing solar panels and expanding our electric vehicle fleet. This is how we keep improving!

Green energy

Smart online scent device

Through our smart online scent device and its app, we have insight into the operation of our customers' devices. This allows us to remotely check in with them for any questions. And we see when maintenance is needed. The advantage? In addition to being able to provide fast service, this also means that our employees are not driving unnecessary kilometres because every meter counts!

But not only do we have this insight, but the customer does so through the app or portal. Here they can also compile scent schedules. With these schedules, you determine how much and when the scent device will nebulise scent oil. In this way, the scent oil is used optimally, without waste. Even more sustainable!

Sense Company Devices

Our Team

At Sense Company, we pursue a sustainable personnel policy. We naturally want our employees to come to work with a smile. In this way, we try to create as pleasant a working environment as possible for everyone. In addition, we find it very important that our employees feel good and fit. How can you see that? We eat a freshly prepared lunch together every afternoon and have our own fitness room.

We also offer our employees a talent development program to enable continued development in their work. Also, more than half of the employees come to the office by bicycle and some drive electrically. We separate our waste and plan our appointments as efficiently as possible. Little by little, we are bringing the sustainable view of things a little more into our team. After all, it all starts with you!

Team Sense Company

From Purchasing To Recycling

When purchasing materials and products, we always choose the most sustainable option. Our suppliers must therefore meet specific selection criteria. This means that we buy everything from fair suppliers. We then produce and assemble the products in our fragrance factory. This way, we can assure the customer of excellent quality and reduce our footprint. 
And what about recycling? We try to reuse as many materials and products as possible. If this is not possible, we process this through a sustainable policy with an official end processor.