AI meets scent: The endless possibilities of AI within Sense Company

Scent Experience 2.0 - Discover how AI technology is transforming the world of scent.
Ai improves scent experiences

As an entrepreneur, you know that you need to stay constantly updated on the latest technologies to stay ahead. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one such widely used technology that is gaining more ground! But what are the possible applications of AI within Sense Company? Read here how this groundbreaking technology creates new possibilities.

Smart scent technology

At Sense Company, everything revolves around smart scent technology and its innovative applications. Therefore, we are constantly searching for the latest technologies related to scent experiences. AI is one such technology that has piqued our curiosity. There are enough reasons to explore the possibilities and take scent experiences to an even higher level.

Personal profiles

One of the possible applications we want to explore is creating personal profiles. Think, for example, of the well-known online platform Amazon. Amazon applies AI algorithms to make suggestions based on previous purchases, search history, and user behaviour. Similarly, we could apply AI to data such as moods, spaces, target audiences, and industry. This way, we can create a unique scent profile that perfectly matches individual scent preferences and goals. But that's not all!

AI recommendations for optimal scent experiences

AI could also recommend the best misting times, frequencies, and scent intensity. Similar to how AI makes recommendations on platforms like Spotify and Netflix, where they provide personalized recommendations based on historical data. By using historical data ourselves, we could create a schedule with recommended times, frequencies, and the right scent intensity. This schedule takes into account daily routines, activities, and moods. The result? Always enjoying an optimal scent experience that perfectly aligns with personal preferences!

Predictive maintenance thanks to AI

Furthermore, we also want to explore the possibilities of AI for predictive maintenance. A well-known example of this is the ReMAP project, a large-scale research led by TU Delft in collaboration with multiple European universities and industries. This research focuses on the use of AI in the aviation industry, where AI algorithms are applied to predict potential failures and maintenance needs. In the same way, we could apply AI algorithms to our scent systems to identify potential failures and maintenance needs before they occur. This allows us to prevent failures and keep the scent systems in top condition.

A fragrant future

With great enthusiasm, we are exploring the possibilities of AI. Although we have not made any definitive decisions yet, we are determined to experiment, discover, and explore the potential of AI for our scent experiences. Sign up for our newsletter and receive updates on the latest developments within Sense Company.