David Lloyd

Making your athletes fan(ical) through the right scent experience. In this case you can read how we helped David Lloyd to achieve this goal!
gym david lloyd
David Lloyd swimming pool


As a high-end gym, David Lloyd attaches great importance to branding. And let scent be all the more important in this industry. Namely, in both the sports and wellness areas, the unpleasant odours must be removed. On top of that, each room pursues its own goal. How does scent contribute to these challenges in the right way?

Sauna David Lloyd


Because of the diversity of spaces and goals, we have used different scents, scent devices and installation techniques for David Lloyd. For example, the entrance was focused on a good first impression, we masked unpleasant smells, we let the visitors in the sauna relax by means of certain scents and we activated them in the fitness rooms. No goal is ever too far!

Workout David Lloyd