Scent experience in sauna and wellness

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What is a rose sauna without the smell of freshly picked roses, a herbal bath without the scent of fresh herbs or a salt bath without the smell of salty water? Scent has a major impact on the visitor experience in a sauna and wellness. Missing this opportunity? It is a pity!

Scent experience in sauna and wellness

The use of scent has become an integral part of sauna and wellness. Not only to spread delicious scents but also to remove unpleasant smells. The central goal remains the same, whether it’s about thematization or neutralisation. The ultimate relaxation experience!

Scent targets sauna and wellness

9+ hygiene experience

In a sauna and wellness area, the hygiene experience is a top priority. However, the fact that something is technically clean does not mean that it is experienced as such. Scent plays a vital role in this. A sauna with a pleasant scent is more likely to be perceived as clean and hygienic.Helping visitors relax

Scent affects both body and mind. For example, do you have a wellness area? Then using the correct, soothing scent makes them both relax.


If an area has a specific theme, there is always a scent that matches it. Adding this element to your visual and sound aspects will create the optimal experience for your visitors.

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Scent oil versus steam bath milk

In practice, we still see it regularly: the use of steam bath milk, not only in the case of existing steam baths but also in the plans for new steam baths that are yet to be built. We think that’s a shame! Namely, scent oil saves you tens of euros per steam bath per month.

In addition, it consists of 100% essential oil. The effect? A more powerful scent experience. Finally, the carefree and constant scent experience is not to be missed. In short, not only relaxing for your visitors but also for your company and your staff!

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