Scent experience in E-bike Store

At E-bike Store it is not only about the e-bikes, but also about the atmosphere. A perfect solution is to use scent.
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E-bike Store


E-bike Store sells more than e-bikes. The spaces are all about experience, innovation, health and sustainable mobility. But how can you create a lasting unique experience for your visitors? We took up the challenge of creating the optimal experience through scent, so visitors can experience e-bikes in detail.


E-bike Store


To guarantee the ultimate scent experience, we provided the various spaces with the appropriate scent 'Maison'. This creates an effect whereby all elements in the space are in line with the atmosphere they want to emanate. For E-bike Store this means that visitors experience a unique scent experience at every visit. Whether this is a visit to the showroom or the service department. 


E-bike Store