Where people actively work up a sweat, using scent is a smart option. How we did this at Optisport, you can read in this case!
Optisport swimming pool
Optisport swimming pool


Swimming pools, fitness, trampoline parks and playgrounds. Optisport has them all. To keep the experience of these activities as fun as they are, scent was thrown into the experience mix. With all the visitors who are actively working up a sweat, it’s not a bad idea to transform the unpleasant smells into scents that will make people happy.

Optisport Fitness center


By means of various scents, scent devices and installation techniques, we were able to create the most suitable experience for every room in Optisport. In addition, the smell of sweat became a thing of the past and the swimming, fitness and playing experience was positively increased. Something which not only makes the visitors excited, but us as well!