An extra touch in the Plieger shop and meeting room

What is missing from a good look and feel? Right, the smell! Read in this case how we brought this into the mix at Plieger.
Lobby Pleiger
Showroom Plieger


To offer its customers the optimum experience: that is what Plieger had in mind. The look and feel of its showroom were perfectly fine. The extra dimension that was still missing, however, was smell. This also applied to the meeting rooms, where a businesslike, somewhat musty smell predominated. A clear assignment for us!


Showroom Plieger


To spread a suitable, pleasant scent in the showroom in the right way, we linked our scent devices to the air treatment system. The meeting rooms were also provided with a scent that is pleasant and inviting. And that was noticed. Since then, only happy and surprised faces have entered here! Spreading unexpected smiles is what we call it.

Plieger sanitary