scent experience

Scent experience: very important when it comes to our appreciation of an area. If it smells good somewhere, then we feel at ease, assess the environment more positively and (unconsciously) want to come back because of this positive experience. A tool not to be underestimated! So it’s a shame to leave your scent experience for what it is, right?

Solving a problem or adding value?

Scent neutralization and scent marketing

With scent experience you can pursue both a problem solving and a value adding goal. In the first case, think of preventing unpleasant smells by neutralizing them. And in the latter case, it’s about spreading scent as a marketing tool. And the nice thing is: one does not exclude the other!

neutralizing scents with scent experience

suffering from unwanted smells?

Masking unwanted smells

Bad smells in an area? Then not only the value of this area decreases, but often also the value of the company itself. Masking this is therefore an important scent target.

9+ hygiene experience

In certain areas, the experience of hygiene is a top priority. If something is technically clean doesn’t necessarily mean that people experience it as such. Scent plays a major role in this.

Transforming stench into an experience

Don’t you just want to take away the stench, but also want to add scent? Then you can use both scent neutralization and scent marketing. Your visitor is happy, you are happy!

Scent experience as a marketing tool

Want to expand your marketing mix?

Activating visitors

With scent, you can create a stimulating environment. For example, by smelling scents that are invigorating, sportsmen can be activated in their workout.

Optimising experience

Are you striving for an optimal visitor experience? Then you want all your expressions to be in line with each other to create the ultimate experience for your visitor. Also scent!


If an area has a certain theme, there is always a scent that matches it. Adding this element to your visual and sound aspects will create the optimal experience for you visitors.

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