Professional body odour removal

Body odour: a odour that is often perceived as unpleasant. So professional body odour removal exists for a reason.
Sweat odour removal

Exercising, presenting or waiting for an important result: sweating due to nerves or exertion is something human, but the smell of it is often perceived as unpleasant. Are several people in an area sweating? Then the odour often fills the whole area. To stop it, just using deodorant is not enough! On the other hand, body odour removal using a scent device is an effective way to neutralise the odour in an area.

Body odour in changing rooms and sports areas

There are several areas where it is logical for body odour to develop that can cause odour nuisances. Two of the most logical areas where body odour remains are changing rooms and sports areas. By neutralising body odour in changing rooms, you create a more enjoyable environment. Body odour in a gym? This obviously does not encourage exercising! It is much more comfortable to exercise in a gym that smells good. By the way, did you know that not only you can neutralise odours with a scent? But that the neutralising scent can also add value? For example, in the locker room, choose a scent that also increases focus, and in the sports area, choose a scent that is activating!

Remove body odour with a scent device

But initially, you want the unpleasant smell of sweat to disappear. To get rid of the odour for a long time, we use a cold diffusing technique with our scent device. Through the device, dry scent mist is spreading into the air. Because the scent mist is so light, it remains suspended in the air and moves with the airflow of the area. Do you turn on the right misting interval? Then the area will smell nice all the time! Also useful if you know it's busy at certain times. Then turn up the intensity of the scent, and all your visitors will be happy!

Most popular scents against body odour

Are you looking for a refreshing and neutralising scent to deal with the busiest moments in the dressing room? Then Bamboo totally fits your bill! A perfect scent to focus on before exercise and rest after. Fresh Linen serves the same purpose but is quite different in terms of ingredients. Where Bamboo is woody and green, Fresh Linen smells floral and powdery. Want to make a gym smell nice? But also provide an extra boost? Then logically, you'll end up with Mintsport. This is a strong scent that will open your nose and make you spontaneously active! Want to go all out and extend the scent experience to the entrance of your gym? Then choose Pink Pepper Amberwood. It creates a welcoming entrance and a scent that neutralises the smell of sweat extremely well.

Self-in control or hand it all over?

Do you also want to make body odours disappear through a scent device? If so, we offer two service options: Smart Service and Full service. With Smart Service, you take control over your scent management. Through smart app notifications on the My Sense Device app, you will be notified of the status of your scent experience. With Full Service, you don't have to worry about your scent devices at all. We manage it for you. In both cases, a carefree experience!

A financing that suits you

Smart Service One

  • For spaces up to 150m2
  • PHUESE One scent system
  • Including scent
  • Swap service

Smart Service Pro

  • For spaces up to 500m2
  • PHUESE Pro scent system
  • Including scent
  • Swap service