Schiphol (Hago Airport Services)

Unpleasant smells should not spoil the holiday fun. To prevent this, we provided a fitting scent experience at Schiphol!


Around 150,000 passengers use the sanitary facilities at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol every day. With such a large number of passers-by, the toilet groups had to endure a lot. Next to that, the smell experience in the smoking areas was also a point of attention at Schiphol. Its question to us: How do you let all these unpleasant smells disappear?

Vacationers at schiphol


We developed a unique scent for the scent experience in the toilet groups. One that neutralises the unpleasant odours in the toilets and thus ensures a more pleasant visit. The smoking areas in the terminals were also stripped of their bad smell. By installing scent devices that spread the scent Lemon & Vanilla, this scent was a thing of the past.