Scent experience in toilet groups

Scent channel installation inside of a restroom

The sanitary experience greatly influences the overall impression of an organisation. And as far as that perception is concerned: research shows that an area or toilet can be as clean as it looks, but if it doesn't smell fresh, this still results in a negative experience. And that, in turn, has repercussions for your entire organisation. Diffusing the scent in toilet groups is certainly not an unnecessary luxury!

A clean experience begins in the washrooms

Unwanted odours are a major source of frustration. If you spread a fresh scent, you significantly increase the cleanliness experience.

Scent Channel installed by Sense Company

Installing a scent device in toilets

Mounting multiple air fresheners on the wall is a thing of the past. One scent device is enough to provide a large toilet group with the perfect hygiene experience. For this purpose, we install a scent channel with multiple outlet grilles in the sanitary area. This way, the scent experience is shown to its best advantage. Bonus: out of sight and safe from being stolen!

My Sense App & Portal

Manage and control

View and control the scent experience in all toilet groups from one central online environment. Our online scent portal or My Sense Device app gives you insight into the status of all your scent devices. You can also easily adjust the scent intensity and nebulisation times. You will also receive a notification when a cartridge is almost empty. So you are never without scent!

Direct injection washroom

Moist spray versus dry mist

We still see it regularly in practice: air fresheners that occasionally spread a moist spray in the room. The scent is powerful for a short period and then disappears completely. Not ideal for persistent scent problems! On the other hand, our scent device guarantees a constant scent level through the dry nebulisation of scent oil. Nice!


Web Portal

Self-control or taken care of

Sense Company offers two service options: Smart service and Full service. With Smart Service, you get to work with scenting yourself. Through smart app notifications you are kept informed of the status of your scent locations. You don't have to worry about the scent device with Full Service scenting. We manage this for you. In both cases, a carefree scent!

A financing that suits you


Smart Service Pro

  • PHUESE Pro scent system
  • Including scent
  • Swap service

Starter package

  • PHUESE One scent system
  • 2x S cartridges
  • 1 year warranty