Scent as weapon against aggression: Importance of right stimuli.

Discover the calming power of scent and create a positive environment.
Atmosphere Agression

Do you also marvel at the increasing aggression and tensions around you? Whether it is football violence, aggression against emergency workers or problems on public transport, we want nothing more than to reduce these negative emotions. But have you ever thought about the power of scent? It turns out that the right scent stimuli can play an important role. Find out exactly how that works here!

Scent, emotion and behaviour

It is now well known that scent has a direct impact on our emotions and behaviour. As soon as we smell a scent, our emotional brain is activated and we immediately think of certain events or situations. So scent can evoke specific emotions and therefore influence our mood. But how can we use this power of scent to our advantage?

Scent in work environments

By diffusing a calming scent in a work environment, you can influence the atmosphere and mood. This reduces aggressive confrontations. An interesting example is a field study where an orange scent was diffused in a Rotterdam police cell complex. This made detainees feel calmer and had a positive impact on their behaviour towards prison guards.

Scent in public areas

Diffusing a welcoming and calming scents in public spaces such as shopping malls, entertainment centres and transport centres can help create a relaxed atmosphere. By choosing scents that evoke positive emotions, you reduce the likelihood of conflict and aggression in these public spaces.

Scent in care environments

In the healthcare sector, scent can also be an effective means of reducing aggression and inappropriate behaviour. Research shows that diffusing a vanilla scent in hospital emergency rooms (ERs) led to a decrease in aggressive behaviour among patients and visitors. Visitors felt less anxious and irritated, and staff had a positive experience when interacting with visitors.

Scents against aggression

So using scent as a 'weapon' against aggression is a smart way to create a positive environment. Besides the previously mentioned scents orange and vanilla, our scent Tranquility has been specially developed to reduce stress and promote a sense of calm. Lavender Supreme is also indispensable in the list of relaxing scent and another valuable addition is Sandalwood, a long-lasting and atmospheric scent.

A positive environment

While scent is not the only solution against aggression, it can certainly contribute to a better atmosphere and more positivity. Practical examples show that scent can work as a 'weapon' against aggression and improve safety and atmosphere in different spaces.

Would you also like to use the power of scent to reduce aggression and create a positive environment? Discover our scents Tranquility, Lavender Supreme and Sandalwood and experience the calming and soothing properties yourself.